Thursday, May 12, 2016

What makes a great family


Have you ever thought about what makes a great family?  It  could be cleaning each others room or cooking for other people  or doing something fun  together. All family's can be different. Not every family has a mom and dad or brothers or sisters. Not every family lives in a house.  A family is loving and supportive. It's really great because you could go to a place and have fun there or you could play video games. It's fun that you can have a family.  I like my family, they're great. We do lots of stuff and I really like it so much. We cook stuff and we have fun with other family members. It's  good we have a whole lot of family. I like my family. And they can play games.  They also help with your homework. It's really good to have a great family and it could be playing outside. They can also take you on a trip. It's good and I hope you like your family too. You can also have pets like dogs, cats, and lizards.